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In Edinburgh on October 3, 2014 at 3:45 pm

Yes, yes. It’s been a little while. Stuff happened and somehow I don’t have any time left to sit down and write anything. But here we are. Only, what? Four, five months? So. Ehm. We’ll just fill some space with unimportant things. I almost moved down the road, did an about turn and moved somewhere else entirely with someone else entirely. Happiness ensued. But there we go. We have a garden. Next door have the most amazing door handle. The paint is peeling off our doorframe in a very satisfying way. IMG_1161 IMG_1358 IMG_1159 IMG_1124   Also TARDIS bedding, because why not. IMG_1157 I’ve officially become a third year (aaaaggggghhhhhhhh). New studio space. I started walking a lovely greyhound. I survived the festival (and went to a grand total of two things at the book festival). I got older (no longer a teenager). We went to Glasgow and were sad outside GSA. I submitted work into two exhibitions over the summer (The Dark. Outside. and A Letter In Mind). I went to see Neil Gaiman in July and it was AMAZING. IMG_1468 Now that’s all the important things out of the way I’ll go try and write something work related…


In Books, Edinburgh on June 19, 2014 at 3:40 pm

Again… mostly pictures. (It’s hot, I don’t like hot. I start melting).

I went back to where I walked north last year, except I didn’t walk this year (it was raining and horrid at the start of June). It was pretty much how I remembered it, which I wasn’t expecting for some reason. I sat on the wall and finished a book (The Falling Sky). No real reason I went back, other than I’d just finished The Old Man & the Sea and missed the sea. Good a reason as any I suppose.









did get back into the studio – last week or the week before. It’s odd that there’s no people (everywhere is so quiet), but nice. Desk made it back too, so I’m pretty much set until September when I’ll have to move to a different studio. But that’s okay. I was getting a bit stir crazy only being at home or in the shop, so it’s good to have a third place to wander to (and on my way in I could dog leg via a bookshop, which isn’t often because otherwise my bank account would be empty as an empty thing). Not that I’m actually doing much in the studio.

I started drawing colouring pages, based on diagrams from mathematical proofs. Well, one in particular so far. I was reading Sciencia. as you do, it’s basically GCSE/A level Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics squished into one book with a pretty cover. I’m not entirely sure why I bought it, probably something about patterns (oh yes, it’s from the same series as the book on harmongraphs I was reading). Anyway. The proof for he formula that says for polyhedrons faces (F) + vertices (V) – edges (E) = 2 is a series of lovely little cubes full of dots and lines that gradually get smaller and smaller.

(Ignore the fourth one on the top row, I forgot I was supposed to be removing lines).



I love graph paper far too much. Ehm. They make great colouring in pages anyway, I’ll probably do more soon-ish. I was going to say tomorrow, but we’re off to see the GSA show tomorrow. So probably not. Anyway, pretty patterns from pretty diagrams.







Also… I got a tent for the studio. Again, it seemed like a really great idea at one point. But then I sat in it and realised how insanely hot it is. Apart from that… I have somewhere to hide (there’s too much open space in here!) and it’s colourful and squares. Maybe I’ll keep it all year and not just for the summer. If the squares were squint it’d be perfect.



I’ve forgotten what else I was meant to be doing. Oh, Otto! So cute.



I left for five days and the teeny pepper I’d left growing on my windowsill became something actually resembling a pepper. And there’s more flowers! Maybe by August there’ll be peppers I can eat… It should be happy in the kitchen in the new flat (only a few weeks til we move, can’t wait) seeing as there’s a window (we don’t currently have one of those).



I don’t know what else… I started playing Minecraft (amazing, really. I just love destroying things, very cathartic, and dying my hundreds of sheep different colours). I didn’t know hand drawing maps of individual worlds was a thing, but apparently it is. I got quite excited about maps again, maybe more maps. A map would probably help, I have to leave trails of coloured carpet everywhere so I don’t get hopelessly lost again. I’m not really doing anything other than removing a large proportion of the trees (my sheep decided it’d be a great idea to live in the trees, I disagreed), I’ll get to the point eventually.

I finished Invisible Cities and Cloud Atlas (eventually), started The Name of the Rose (finally) and Foundation. Start of July I’m seeing Neil Gaiman (aaahhh should be AMAZING), and next Tuesday tickets go on sale for all the book festival events. Fingers crossed I’ll get at least some (there’s a lot I want to go to, George R. R. Martin, Haruki Murakami, Hans Ulrich Obrist…I could go on). I just need to read The Wind Up Bird Chronicle before August…

…it doesn’t sew.

In Books, Edinburgh on June 2, 2014 at 9:28 pm

Which may just be me being an idiot, but it *is* missing one of the tension cog things, which would probably help. Well, no. It sews. But after two or three stitches it gets impossibly tangled and I have to spend half an hour unpicking it all. I don’t have any fabric I can use, so maybe it just really hates paper. Of course I can’t actually thread the needle, magnifier and balancing on books or no. So it can stay as a glorified hole punch for now (but what a good hole punch…).

I changed the typewriter ribbon instead (with a minimum of fuss), so that’s good. Especially now I’ve got the spools the right way round (I’d got them mixed up, still works, but it’s much smoother now). New ribbon is super dark, hopefully I’ll get a few uses out of it before I have to ink it.

Have some hand drawings instead. I haven’t got around to making up the odd jacket thing I was going to make (to make filming the hands easier, so you can’t see my real hands). I think i worked out how, but it’ll have to wait until I get into the wood workshop.



At some point I bough a Moleskine sketchbook, I have no memory of doing that but I’m finally using it anyway. Not sure it’s really worthy of my scrawling, but no matter. Steadily reading my way through T. S. Eliot, although sidetracked by The Love Song of J. Morris Housecat (of course I had to buy the whole book of them…) – do I dare / jump on the table? 

Caught up in patterns again (as always), bought a colouring book like one I used to spend hours doing when I was little. All patterns in a neat little square, I had a green Manilla folder full of photocopies of the ones I liked the most, must have got through a lot. Vaguely drawing my own up, but nice to colour others in. I spent about two hours doing one this afternoon, my ability to colour in has not improved in the last decade or so (speaking of, I’m almost two decades old, my back is agony so I feel at least twice that at the moment).

Read The Geometry of Art & Life, but didn’t retain a lot other than ‘oooh pretty patterns and some maths stuff’. Eventually I’ll read it properly and it’ll make sense, or I’ll find someone more intelligent to explain it in half a dozen words. I did finally read Invisible Cities though… That one only took nine months to get around to.

Bonus image: Goodreads knows me too well.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 18.49.58


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