The Veschist Manifesto

In Veschism on January 20, 2012 at 4:06 pm
Veschist manifesto by Princess Bala Vera
Veschist manifesto, a photo by Princess Bala Vera on Flickr.

I came across the word ‘vesch’ whilst researching the use of objects in art for my current project. There’s no perfect English translation, but it means something like ‘an object with a soul’ or ‘an object endowed with human characteristics’. It fitted so well with my idea – or perhaps belief – that all objects have some inherent value, that I started to use it to describe my collections of objects.

It didn’t become a manifesto straight away; in fact the if someone hadn’t described me as being “a one woman art movement” I probably wouldn’t have come up with it in the first place! I never really intended it to become a “real” art movement, it was just an afternoon spent thinking up what I think art should be and what art is to me (as well as objects). But well…it’s fair to say it’s grown, I doubt it’ll be dominating the art world any time soon (or ever), but it’s inspired an exhibition and I officially have admirers/followers…

It was also a fairly perfect solution to my complete hatred of producing anything ‘public’, instead of hoarding it all in my sketchbooks…



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