Yorkshire Sculpture Park

In Blackbird, Fly 35mm TLR on January 20, 2012 at 4:11 pm

I haven’t taken photos just for the heck of it for a long time (I think I’ve been swallowed whole by my current project), but these didn’t really have much use so I guess this is a return to the “take photos of everything because it’s beautiful” part of the cycle of creativity. There’s no meaning or hidden messages or intention behind this, except that it was something beautiful and I’ve captured that on film for as long as I know where the negatives are…

I have no idea who the original sculpture was by, but it’s huge (maybe ten or twelve feet high?) and it’s a crouched human figure made out of large pieces of metal type all welded together. There’s a gap where the bottom half of the legs and feet should be, so you can stand inside it (and watch the insanely strong winds gust it all over the place). Who knows if it actually says anything.



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