New projects…

In Rambling, Veschism on February 2, 2012 at 8:58 pm

I handed my Unit 3 (the coursework unit which was veschism & explorations and all that exciting stuff) in on Wednesday, although I was allowed to keep it to take to interview (the first…well, currently the only, of which is a week tomorrow). I still need to produce final prints for that project, but we’ve been given until the summer to make something nice looking… I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing.

First new project is for the exhibition ‘Vesch: Objects with a soul’ to be held in April by Leicester Lo Fi. Yes, they did nick my idea, but I get to contribute so I’m not complaining! I’ll be submitting five images (I’ve already paid for five anyway), but who knows what’ll end up on the wall. There’s quite a lot of space and probably not that many people… I have no idea what I’ll do yet though. We’ll see, something will happen eventually.

Second new project is Unit 4 of A2 photography, the oh-so-lovely exam unit that everyone hates! Although, by some fluke this years paper seems to have been made specifically for me. Question no. 18 is everything I was hoping for, it’s quite a long question and the exam paper isn’t right  next to me so I won’t write it out, but it’s about the juxtaposition of unrelated objects (although I do have to look at specific artists…none of which I know, so I’ll look at them and then decide if I like that question). There was another question about using found objects to produce a series of photographs were the origins have been transformed into ‘a new sphere of use or meaning’ – which I really wasn’t expecting. I think that’ll be my back up question… And then there was several nice single world prompts, the best was hieroglyphics…

I have no idea what I’m going to do for that either. But I have until May, and I’ve got plenty to do in the mean time. I think I’ll start with research for once though…

Essay writing is slow, word count has shrunk for a while because I took out a paragraph I didn’t like. But I’ve moved onto the middle section (which is waaaay more important than the introduction). I’m starting with the work of Candy Jernigan and then I’ll move on to Barton Benes and Martin Parr. Depending on time I might fit someone else in… Anyway, I’m hoping that listening to Phillip Glass piano compositions (he was Jernigan’s partner) will somehow increase the amount that I’m able to write…it hasn’t worked so far.


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