Am I Just A Quote Machine?

In Collections, Quotes, Rambling, Veschism on February 12, 2012 at 11:06 am

I finally finished the Blurb book of quotes that I’ve been collecting since June, my copy should hopefully be here soon and then I can share the link…I need to do last minute checking! I guess that means I’m an author now, huh?

I finished my Veschism essay on time too, Daryl did some sort of marking/scribbling nice things all over too (and told me to write him a book). I’ll tweak it a bit more before I hand it for my Unit 3 coursework, and then I’ll write another version more about Veschism and less about the artists who influenced my work to go in the Blurb book of final prints. This is all getting a bit expensive really…

The interview at Swansea Met was lovely! I’m not sure it could have gone better for a first interview. However much of a pain it was to carry all that stuff (suitcase of courage as portfolio + three sketchbooks) it was nice to have more than enough stuff. Would you believe I even spoke quite a lot? I wasn’t sure if I’d manage that bit or not…

I need to do an updated book list, I actually finished a few things!


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