New sketchbook

In Rambling, Veschism on February 12, 2012 at 7:43 pm

I’ve made myself (with the help of my mum – if I don’t say it she will!) a sketchbook for the Vesch exhibition, some of the nicer things I come up with will be stuck in. It’s made from recycled pieces of paper (there’s a few pages from a draft copy of an essay about Nazi policies towards women and several sheets of notes from AS Economics), the covers are from a book on operating systems. I’m qute pleased with myself really. I get very attached to all of my sketchbooks, and I guess they do evolve into vesch for me, but it seemed more fitting to create a book from scratch for this project, especially from things that already hold some meaning to me.


Above: Inside front cover, type from original spine.

Below: Stitching on spine.

Above: Front cover

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