Vesch: Objects With A Soul (an exhibition by Leicester Lo Fi)

In Veschism on February 12, 2012 at 1:00 pm

“Leicester Lo-Fi have been given the opportunity to hold an exhibition at Gallery 12 for two weeks during April 2012.

We are calling on you, fellow Lo-Fiers, to join us in this adventure we are calling VESCH (an object endowed with human spirit) by producing work on this theme or how we like to put it- ‘objects with a soul’

The images can be of anything you like within the theme, but must be taken using  lo-fi equipment and techniques, film, Polaroid, alternative processes etc  (scanned negatives are allowed)

We  will be holding regular workshops, both during the week and at weekends, for you  to come along and process your black and white films, use the darkroom, try out new techniques, chat about your work, drink lots of tea and have a Hob-Nob or two.

The work will need to be finished and with us for Monday, April 16th.”

Taken from http://leicester-lofi.weebly.com/projects.html

This is more so I don’t forget…interesting stuff though, yes? And that means my art movement (meaning me!) inspired an exhibition – isn’t that exciting and wonderful and mind blowing?!



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