Lomokino 35mm Movie Maker

In Lomokino, Rambling on February 15, 2012 at 12:51 pm

I get these urges to buy a new camera, and I was planning on buying a Lomo LC-A but we got outbid (no way was I prepared to pay that much for it!). So, I brought a Lomokino instead. My excuse being that I didn’t have anything at all like it… It came this morning and – like all of the Lomography cameras – it was packaged beautifully (although I’m not sure anything can beat the way the Diana F+ deluxe kit is packaged). The instruction manual doubles as a flip book, which is neat. It’s all much smaller than I expected, which is always a bonus. I’ve only found one problem so far (although easily solved), winding on & looking through the viewfinder results in being hit in the face multiple times. But seeing as I don’t actually use the viewfinder on plastic/lomo cameras it’s okay!

Anyway, I just shot & developed the first roll (luckily there was a roll of b&w 35mm lurking in the fridge – I also found another roll of 120 IR film that I forgot I brought), and all I can say right now is that it did something! I’ll wait for it to dry & then try and figure out the Lomokinioscope, and then some way of making it digital…

In totally irrelevant news, I got an interview at Brighton! 27th March, although I might not actually get interviewed, apparently they do the odd thing of looking at portfolios first and then deciding if I’m worthy of talking too. Who knows?



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