More interviews & some video type things

In Rambling on February 23, 2012 at 7:02 pm

I’ve now heard back from everywhere, I have an interview at Newport on 7th March and I’m sending my portfolio (handily videoed & put onto a CD) for Edinburgh College of Art for the 5th of March. I was invited to go to the Applicant Day, but it’s absolutely miles away and it’d take about four times as long to get there & back than the amount of time I’d spend there (there’s no interviews, just tours and my portfolio gets looked at).

So hopefully i’ll have at least some of that done tomorrow, I did a few test ones today and they turned out alright. Apart from I forgot to bring in my Blurb book to go in my suitcase of courage… And apparently the writing all over my hands is unacceptable. (I do write things on paper, but I lose paper and I can’t lose my hands).

I started doing blueprints/cyanotypes yesterday, but it was too dark so nothing really happened. I left one out from 2:30 yesterday to 10:30 this morning and it did actually go blue – so the chemicals work! (I was coating paper myself instead of using my out of date paper). It went a bit sunny today so I got a few more working, but still with an exposure time of 40-60 minutes. I’m please with it though, I need to find some more paper to coat.

There isn’t anything else exciting to say…I have a very long to do list, so I should probably go do that instead of writing this…



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