Gum bichromate takes up a lot of space.

In Alternative process-y stuff on February 28, 2012 at 3:34 pm

I wasn’t really expecting it to work, but it did do something (which is always preferable), there’s a wonderful quote in one of my alt process books (The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes, Christopher James)

“Gum bichromate should be approached with a spirit of play, adventure and discovery”

Oh wait, I lied. There’s another quote.

“In my experience, gum bichromate printers are the most passionate and stubborn of all alternative process artists.”

There’s no single way of doing any of it, and it was largely guesswork on my part. I’m not sure I’ll actually be able to do it again… And it smells completely awful (the sizing solution – which is gelatin and something else awful – is nowhere near as bad as the cleaning solution). I’m quite happy not knowing what chemicals I’m dealing with, I’ve got rubber gloves and an apron, it’s fine.

I’m starting to like the drawn out processes more and more. Although I currently have no desire to go anywhere near bromoil again yet – I spent three days doing one print and it didn’t work! Although there is no instant gratification (like with photograms – which I like), it’s still incredibly satisfying. As long as I have something else to do whilst the paper is exposing (it took 2 hours 50 minutes today, in which time I went to a class and wrote economics notes). I’m just pleased something happened really, easily impressed I am…



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