Doll’s house furniture salt prints

In Alternative process-y stuff on March 2, 2012 at 5:17 pm
Salt Prints by Princess Bala Vera
Salt Prints, a photo by Princess Bala Vera on Flickr.

I used a negative for a change (it’s actually something I took on my scanner which was printed on acetate), which is why there’s actually detail on this print (there normally isn’t, I know). It falls under the category of “stuff” for my exam project. It’s looking a lot better than it did a week ago – I’m back to doing about half a dozen things at once (which, for some unknown reason, is how I work best – even though I essentially fetishise lack of chaos normally).

Salt prints have moved up my list of favourite processes, last time (in December) they didn’t look amazing, but the sun must have been just right these past few days… Anyway, I’ll miss my supply of silver nitrate and cyanotype/gum bichromate chemicals I don’t have to pay for when I finish my A Levels… Although I actually don’t consider this as an A Level, I don’t think of it like History or Economics (where I sit for an hour and take lots of notes four times a week). No, photography is just…I’d almost certainly do it even if I wasn’t doing it as an A Level. Although I wouldn’t have progressed anywhere near as much, and I wouldn’t be so besotted with alternative processes and carcinogenic chemicals. But I’d still do it, and I’d still love it.

Photography is painting with light. The errors are part of it, they turn it into art (= a very mangled version of Tichy).

Photography compensates for the “errors” that I see because my vision isn’t at all brilliant. It lets me show what I see, because I can capture something very definite, something which I’d never manage with any other art form. I suppose I can draw (and it’s something I enjoy), but I can’t express what I see with pencil or ink or paint (the latter because I didn’t pay attention when we were taught all about the exciting-ness of paint at GCSE – we only had watercolour and a few mucky acrylics so it wasn’t actually that exciting) like I can with some sensitised paper.

This is all turning a bit serious, so I’m going to stop and go re-pile my huge pile of books (it’s just fallen over) and go feed the dog and the cat. In other very exciting news, I found the Scritti Politti CD I’ve been hunting for. And that’s it really, maybe some more work later.


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