Cupcakes and other things

In Alternative process-y stuff, Vegan baking on March 11, 2012 at 12:16 pm

I’m slowly working through the entirety of our vegan cupcake book (once I’ve done that I’ll have to move onto the cookie book and the pie book from the same series), although I seem to end up making carrot cake more than anything else. Today was apple cider cupcakes (I’m not quite sure why we had cider in the first place), I got to use one of our precious cinnamon sticks. They taste…appley? It was either that or make bagels, and bagels take a while.

I had an idea for my exam project; the juxtaposition of unrelated objects. I got told (well, maybe more encouraged) to stop making such small little gum/salt prints/cyanotypes. I can coat any sized paper I like (I’ve asked for some more potassium dichromate just in case I use up everything that came in the Fotospeed kit – there’s 75ml of it and I’ve probably used about 10-15 to mix various colours – and I’ll buy some more gum arabic). The only thing sort of limiting me is the size of the negative; for the tracing paper ones (which are far easier to do) I can only print A4 and with the proper acetate stuff I can go up to just below A3 (it tends to print wonky and the edges get mangled). But I have a solution to that.

I can either piece together several 5×7″-ish sized pieces of something (I’ll come back to that in a minute) and print 5×7″ segments of a larger negative, or I can print each element of the negative separately and then arrange it myself (what I have in mind is relatively simple). As for the ‘something’/what it’ll be printed on, I’m going to try canvas tomorrow (assuming it’s sunny anyway). At larger sizes it should keep it’s shape better than paper, hopefully it won’t curl and with any luck it’ll get a nice texture to it. I am of course assuming that the cheap, nasty, canvases I brought aren’t covered in some icky chemical that’ll ruin my bichromate solution.

I think I forget that I can work whatever size I like when I coat it myself, I forget that buying large canvases is far cheaper than buying massive pieces of b&w paper. Although it’s more of an issue if it doesn’t work, because no doubt the canvas will have to be sized with the gelatine (and whatever else is mixed in with that to harden the gelatine) and that adds quite a bit of time onto the process.

I’m trying to work out an answer to one of the questions for my Brighton interview (although they probably won’t ask me it once I’ve come up with a decent answer); “What do you know about Photography?” I’m not quite sure if they mean photography in general, or just the course at Brighton. Which is annoying. I know what to do at the right time, but I’m not sure I really know much in any detail.


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