Constructed negatives

In Rambling on March 18, 2012 at 9:20 pm
constructed table by Princess Bala Vera
constructed table, a photo by Princess Bala Vera on Flickr.

Yes, I know it isn’t actually a negative in this version. But it doesn’t look as nice inverted. It certainly doesn’t look as nice in colour.

Anyway. This is the only really interesting idea I’ve had for my exam project. Can you tell it’s a table? I’m hoping the flat surface & four legs gives it away, but who knows.

It’s entirely constructed in Photoshop – which I don’t normally do. I haven’t done digital for a while, I’m surprised I can still work my way around PS without screaming and throwing things in frustration. The two images used were just simple shots of beach plastic (a lid and a leg shaped piece) on a white background which were then cleaned up (meaning I got to use the wonderful magic wand tool to remove the background) and assembled. I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with it, might need some more fiddling. But I’ve got a new negative to work with now; and I’m hoping that this will form the basis of my final exam pieces. In some way or another.

I had to do surgery on the lid, there was a bit that just didn’t look right, so it’s actually a duplicate of the left hand side (the right side just looked off). Could you tell before I said that? Probably.

The point is that I’ve actually done something!


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