A return to installation-y stuff

In Rambling on March 19, 2012 at 7:39 pm

I’m not being particularly articulate today. Or just recently in general. So I think I’ll probably explain this really awfully. But I got gifted the idea of doing a nice little installation type thing. I think installations are probably my favourite thing to do (in terms of coming up with a neat & tidy resolved piece). I totally covered the communal display space with my work in a week, but I’m hoping this will be a bit more considered…contained. The wall seemed to work because of the sheer mass of work I’d managed to come up with (I spent pretty much every free minute printing instead of reading books), and I like the idea that the viewer will have to look closer to distinguish between images, to work out the connections and patterns and themes themselves. It’s also far more exciting than just showing a series of prints in frames or something.

Anyway, I’m being allowed to use the photography storeroom (meaning it’s being emptied and tidied on my behalf – I did offer to help) so I can totally cover the walls with prints. Probably predominantly gum/salt prints or cyanotypes, but I might try & get my liquid emulsion working again (although it’s probably way past the use by date, the label has soaked off so who knows).

I want the space to be totally overwhelmed with all these prints, so that it’s almost claustrophobic. So the poor viewer gets trapped in with all these different images, all juxtaposed against each other to create a whole, slightly coherent image. Photography is my world I suppose, and if nothing else I want to convey that – and the easiest way is to totally dominate a space with  my work, my thoughts, my images. Hopefully I’ll be allowed to keep it in the storeroom until the end of year show, and even more hopefully I’ll be able to assemble it all/do some prints for it during my fifteen hour exam (I’m struggling to think of things to do). I’m trying to come up with ways to highlight individual images, so they’re not all the same. But I haven’t really got anything yet. As for the material to be printed on, it’ll probably be canvas of different sizes and maybe a few bits of watercolour paper (I just brought some more today – I went and spent a lot of money on stationery). As for the content…well. I’m working on it. Now I should probably go do some sketchbook work, it’s meant to be a bit more updated than it is & I’ve requested feedback tomorrow.

I brought 7 copies of my book (one, edited so there’s no stupid mistakes this time, version for me and the other five are for various teachers who’ve been quoted). Four copies have been delivered (to people who knew about the quote book and realised I’d write down all the stupid/inappropriate/funny things they said), I’m waiting until my very last lesson with the other two teachers to deliver those ones (I don’t want to get yelled or sued or something – some of the quotes are a little…odd).

  1. Excellent re: claustrophobic room. Sounds like a good idea to be overwhelmed by photography but also maybe to make the viewer feel panicky and unable to focus on things. I guess similar to how you feel in a new/busy/crowded environment.

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