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In Books, Collections, Quotes on March 21, 2012 at 9:19 pm

I’d kind of assumed that I’d pretty much finished with the Am I Just A Quote Machine stuff, I’m still collecting quotes (and they’re still incredibly amusing/disturbing etc.); but I never had any intention to actually use them in any way (other than creating the Blurb book). I tend to do that with everything I collect, so I end up with all this crap that I have ideas for but ends up never being used. Which is a shame. The only exception is probably my camera collection, there’s only three cameras I’ve never used (and one has film in ready to go now, another is waiting for me to buy Polaroid 600 series film and the last one is waiting for some 127 roll film). I should probably update my reading list on the subject of collections and never doing anything with them (although I did finish a few books recently, but then I added more onto the pile and well…). I might do that later.

Back to whatever my original point was (I’m easily distracted, did you notice? Yes, I thought so), whatever that actually was. Oh yes! Using my quotes. I got prompted into doing it, and I’ve been encouraged to analyse them in some way for a long time (meaning: since I started pretty much). But I never knew how (and I felt stupid for having to ask – I had a little brave moment when I asked yesterday what would be a good way to start, which helped) or it didn’t feel right or I just didn’t have time or any other excuse from my extensive list. But I’ve started now, and it’s surprisingly satisfying to use one of my collections (maybe it is alchemy).

My current categories are (or more accurately, the categories that I can remember are):

  • Quotes about drugs
  • Quotes about the weather
  • Quotes about prostitutes/pregnancy/nudity/general sex related things
  • Quotes about music
  • Things to avoid saying in an interview
  • Quotes by Dan
  • Quotes by Steve
  • Quotes by Daryl
  • (Interesting & unusual) ways to solve creative problems
  • Quotes about food
  • Quotes about facial hair
  • Quotes about drink

They’re all written out on separate sheets of paper (my hand hurts from writing so much, it’s been a long time since I covered about twenty sides of A4) and are currently living on the wall space I’m probably not meant to be dominating again (but it was so much fun last time!). Whenever I think I couldn’t possibly come up with another category I’ll think of a quote, or see one, and there’ll be a whole new category for me to explore. I’ve got lots more potential categories too (which I’m likely to forget, so I’ll list them here):

  • Quotes on buses
  • Quotes in classes
  • Quotes at home
  • Quotes involving piss
  • Quotes including ‘shit’
  • Quotes including ‘fuck’ or ‘fucking’
  • Quotes about art
  • Very inappropriate things to say during an interview
  • Useful advice
  • Things to slip into exam essays/general conversation

I’ve memorised pretty much all of the quotes – who said them, where, although not when. I can probably give you a month, or a general time of day… I can remember the odd, insignificant details (what shirt you were wearing, whether it was sunny, what shoes I was wearing) and most of the context, but a lot of the information stuff (mostly things which I thought were important to remember at the time) is forgotten. Maybe some of the categories will end up here, no – in fact, some of the categories will definitely end up here. I might provide silly details that no one else will remember and some sort of context for some of them.

On a totally unrelated note, the storeroom is incredibly empty looking (there’s actually floor space – and more importantly, wall space), although there’s still stuff in there. But I can hide stuff with other stuff. I guess this is the third cupboard I’ve commandeered (there’s the one under the enlarger that is now definitely ‘mine’ – I keep chemicals and paintbrushes and negatives all over it – the second is the one that was made for the book I’m writing and the third being the storeroom). I doubt I’ll be allowed to take over cupboards at university.

And something a little more related, I decided how to answer (some) of the questions I might get asked at my Brighton interview next Tuesday (I say some because they might prefer the odd serious answer and I might not even get an interview), I’m going to use some of my quotes. Knowing my luck I’m going to get all the really inappropriate ones, but it ought to be amusing at any rate.

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