(Unusual & interesting) solutions to creative problems

In Collections, Quotes on March 21, 2012 at 9:51 pm

This category of collected quotes is based on Brian Eno & Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies (http://www.rtqe.net/ObliqueStrategies/) as well as part of Keri Smith’s Artist’s Survival Kit (http://www.kerismith.com/popular-posts/the-artists-survival-kit/). I have a glass bottle on my desk which is half full of prompts for if/when I get stuck with a project – some are totally irrelevant (like ‘make a cake’), some come from the Survival Kit and others are obvious. They’re all meant to make me think differently, to make me imagine something new and previously unimagined (or that’s what’s meant to happen anyway). Some of the quotes I have are vague/insightful/serious/profound/amusing enough to work in a similar capacity. So here’s my version (probably likely to be updated as I hear more interesting things) of what to do in a creative emergency (although if you injure yourself or something awful following my advice, I had nothing to do with it).

  • “What else do you know?”
  • “Get yourself to a shed and make something!”
  • “Get a life!”
  • “That’s because they’re shit!”
  • “You’ve got to understand your concepts.”
  • “What’s the bane of your life?”
  • “Sometimes these accidents are the way forward.”
  • “Have you ever thought about making a glass book?”
  • “Personal espionage.”
  • “So anything goes?”
  • “Bring it down a little.”
  • “Not all mistakes are born equal.”
  • “You don’t have to be Tolstoy.”
  • “You need to get yourself a proper pair of glasses, honey.”
  • “Don’t forget to include some huge Scottish stereotyping in your answer.”
  • “The little moral card.”
  • “Write this down.”
  • “Congregate.”
  • “Fight the power people!”
  • “Shower some thoughts.”
  • “Pockets of loveliness.”
  • “Thought enough thoughts.”
  • “Completely avoid eye contact.”
  • “Whatever floats your boat, love.”
  • “Explore entrances.”
  • “No naked ladies please.”
  • “Don’t fuck it up though.”
  • “How?”
  • “You can’t force genius.”
  • “Hench.”
  • “That’s a lie.”
  • “What are they?”
  • “You could go down a more spiritual path.”
  • “More is more.”


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