Installation update and other interesting things

In Collections, Interesting things, Rambling on March 22, 2012 at 8:07 pm

The storeroom has been donated for my use for the immediate future (I’m hoping until the end of June or whenever the end of year show is, but we’ll see). I only asked about it on…Monday? I’m not sure. Early this week. Anyway, I now have boards and an empty pseudo-gallery space to work in (I’m treating it like my own mini studio – just without any natural light, which does of course make it ideal for coating chemicals onto paper).

It’s evolved nicely over this week hasn’t it? All of the crap has been moved into the darkroom or hidden behind one of the boards (they just magically appeared today – I went in to coat some paper and there was nice boards in there!). They’re mostly done with the paint – I just need to redo the one on the left a bit, it got a bit patchy towards the bottom, and get the paint off the floor (and my tights). Now I just need to do some work…

As for the interesting stuff, I was told about some obscure record labels yesterday (which I looked up, one makes my collection of inappropriate quotes look rather tame) and found a much less disturbing podcast. Or so far. The interesting podcast is The OST Show, it’s entirely insane so far and is an odd collection of records and anecdotes. I don’t have anything else interesting for you today, so we’ll stop there.

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