Quotes from photography teachers

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Photography classes generate a lot of slightly odd quotes, in total the photography department makes up 438 words of the 3,242 words of Am I Just A Quote Machine.

  • “Hench.”
  • “Women’s underwear is a field I rarely venture into.”
  • “He looked like a ventriloquist’s puppet.”
  • “He ran off with a servant.”
  • “I collect little men.”
  • “I am an artist.”
  • “I put them in my Star Wars room…”
  • “1700 comics I’ve sold…”
  • “God doesn’t sound any better than Rupert ­Murdoch.”
  • “I’m devoted to biscuits.”
  • “Elton John’s cast offs.”
  • “My toy room is doubling as her shoe room.”
  • “You’re a fusspot.”
  • “She kept taking my action men.”
  • “Zombies are on the rise.”
  • “We had to fight for more chairs.”
  • “Catherine Tate was too much like Catherine Tate.”
  • “Theatrical connections, don’t you know…”
  • “You could go down a more spiritual path.”
  • “What drugs have you taken?”
  • “Is Brighton the place for you?”
  • “I don’t wear tight T-shirts.”
  • “Boris the biro, the anagrammatic man.”
  • “I bought a beret.”
  • “international language of fabness.”
  • “Painting swagger.”
  • “More is more.”
  • “Not bad.”
  • “Bamboo socks.”
  • “Quizzing glass.”
  • “Niche market.”
  • “Explore entrances.”
  • “No naked ladies please.”
  • “Completely avoid eye contact.”
  • “Thought enough thoughts.”
  • “I’ve got a lovely wheelbarrow.”
  • “Her mum’ll come & get you & she’s scary.”
  • “They’re like intellectual tents, and somewhere there’s an intellectual dog on a string.”
  • “Congratulations on your wall.”
  • “I’ll bet you a pack of Jammy Dodgers…”
  • “Room of darkness.”
  • “It’s more like a sentence, rather than a ­paragraph.”
  • “Stop me when these analogies get a bit…over cooked.”
  • “We don’t talk about Star Trek in this lesson.”
  • “My mate who went bald at sixteen.”
  • “Have a look at some porn.”
  • “What are teenage boys going to do without Lynx Africa?”
  • “It had so much alcohol in it… no wonder I’m in a good mood this lesson.”
  • “Art has to have an economic justification.”
  • “Just dossers.”
  • “Spanish manish…”
  • “Story of my life…”
  • “When I say A2 I’m not talking about paper size.”
  • “You’re a second year student, your life is not your own.”
  • “Chuggling?”
  • “I’m going to see Duran Duran tonight.”
  • “I know that.”
  • “Vestiges of civilisation.”
  • “Your mum’s alright.”
  • “You’re over-egging the pudding.”
  • “Have you ever thought about making a glass book?”
  • “Inherent fragility.”
  • “Sometimes these accidents are the way ­forward.”
  • “Porn star moustache.”
  • “Anyone else I can traumatise?”
  • “Ooh big shoulder pads are in this year.”
  • “That’s the way to success and happiness.”
  • “I don’t see the point in any other type of ­marmalade.”
  • “Well, I wouldn’t mind some whiskey…”
  • “They started coming up with all sorts of French ones, like voyager and I told them to shut up.”
  • “Visually aware.”
  • “De-plod him.
  • “Kids hitting puddles with sticks.”
  • “Finish this essay, then watch Sherlock Holmes with a glass of wine.”
  • “Consumer confidence is down.”
  • “Stimulus to the senses”
  • “This end tastes all perfumey.”
  • “The fork does taste funny!”
  • “You just said your hand smelt of lubricant.”
  • “I look good with a beard.”
  • “No you don’t.”
  • “That’s because they’re shit!”
  • “I don’t like a show off.”
  • “Get yourself to a shed and make something!”
  • “Man things.”
  • “You’re like a one woman art movement.”
  • “What else do you know?”
  • “We didn’t run off together!”
  • “I made a dinosaur head without even trying.”
  • “I spilt porridge down myself. I missed my mouth.”
  • “I didn’t know they all had such awful teeth.”
  • “It’s Nick’s famous fleece – NFF.”
  • “I wish I made more mistakes.”
  • “We’re all chaps together.”
  • “So, what happens in Mean Girls?”
  • “Of what does their meanness consist?”
  • “I’m at his every whim.”
  • “Exciting, penetrating ideas.”
  • “We’ve got snipers ready.”
  • “How do you fare in snowball fights?”
  1. I love the one about the dog on a string. It makes me laugh!

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