Brighton & other such lovely things

In Rambling on March 27, 2012 at 8:02 pm

This week seems to be the week of wonderful university related things…ECA yesterday, Brighton interview today. In fact, I got offered a place at Brighton, so somehow every interview I’ve gone to I’ve gotten offered a place on the spot. Which is equally awesome and mind boggling. And slightly scary. To be offered a place at Brighton without a foundation, and at the end of my interview is just…wow. They made such a big deal about needing a foundation when I went to the open day… And the 50 or so places on the first year have 36 applicants per place. I’m not quite sure how I managed that!

And to get ECA as well…that was the first university I looked at, when I was thirteen. I guess I’ve been waiting a while to get this far. It hasn’t quite all sunk in yet, I have four places to choose from once UCAS updates for Brighton. Wow.

Back to today’s interview though…I was interviewed by three people, a student & two members of staff (I’ve forgotten names already, so they’ll be referred to as beardy man & American man). It was probably the most relaxed interview I’ve had; Swansea Met was quite serious & very much about my work and Newport was quite short and not many questions and I didn’t think it went especially well. Although Newport guy liked my cheese grater anecdote. Brighton was…well, we covered my cheese grater anecdote, real English ale, coffee, chocolate and Easter eggs. Although there was a bit of Ellie rambling about her work & probably not really answering the question. And now I’ve started talking in the third person.

I think I’ve ruled Newport out. Although it is the best offer so far, 180 points at A2, which is a B & a C. But Newport is hardly pretty, and I’ve decided it’s less likely to have plenty of nice galleries for me to skulk about in. And as lovely as Caerleon is I’d be pretty much stuck there, being unable to drive. And the excitement would probably be seeing if the cafe place we went to last year still puts moo milk in fruit tea ( who the hell does that?!).

That leaves Brighton, Swansea Met & ECA. Brighton & SMU have nice bits of sea. Brighton is small, Swansea pretty small. SMU has gotten several students into the Royal College of Art. Brighton has a kickass reputation. ECA means I’d have to do a foundation year, but photography specific. I’d also get access to other departments – most excitingly printmaking! If I stayed there for my MA I wouldn’t pay (I don’t think). Swansea is cheaper…

Aghh! My brain is going to implode! I’ve never been decisive, so this is gonna be hard.

  1. When are we buying the darts?

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