Canvases and record boxes

In Alternative process-y stuff, Collections, Rambling, Veschism on April 2, 2012 at 4:07 pm

Most excitingly, I now have a record box for my vinyl for when I go to uni. So exciting I had to go buy more vinyl – I think I managed to get things we don’t have already as well.

I’m sat on a bus heading home, few interesting things being said…nothing outlandish though. Which is disappointing.

“With beef you can have it cold in sandwiches…”
“No mashed potato though.”

Now that’s out the way…I just spent an obscene amount of money on canvas. Although obscenity seems to be relative, £30 is an entirely acceptable amount to spend on books, but canvas…not so much. I’ve got some big ones (18 x 24″ sort of big). So now I can do my prints for the Vesch exhibition 🙂 which are going to be gum bichromate prints. In the process of working out what they’ll actually be of.

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