Another completed book…

In Books, Collections, Rambling, Veschism on April 8, 2012 at 5:00 pm

I’ve finally finished The Museum of Exploration, which explains/describes what I’ve been doing since June. I’ve managed to include such phrases as “Madonna’s knickers”, “Bin Laden urinal mats”, “Star Wars pants” and I can’t remember what else. Good fun that was… It’s 6,474 words long. Which is longer than I was expecting, I might do a bit of trimming. But the first fully complete draft is totally done, which is good news! I’ll come up with some sort of cover tonight, do a last run through for stupid errors and then it’ll go to print tonight or tomorrow morning… It’s a bit odd now I don’t have a book to write.

In other exciting news we’re off to Edinburgh to look around ECA (or partially) on Wednesday. At the moment it’s my definite first choice. We’ll see once I’ve looked around a bit. I’m still kinda amazed that I even got on that course (it makes me burst out laughing every now and then). I was looking at private halls yesterday, stupidly expensive, but they apparently have a dedicated art room. And I could have my own kitchen, which would be nice…no horrible meatiness to make everything smell bad.

Also, my hair is now purple. And I just made soup. Those two events are not linked in any way however.

  1. Hurray to all of that!

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