A trip to Edinburgh

In Edinburgh, Rambling on April 14, 2012 at 3:41 pm
True fact. by Princess Bala Vera
True fact., a photo by Princess Bala Vera on Flickr.

We went on a fairly spontaneous trip to Edinburgh (in that two weeks ago we weren’t going anywhere, and then we were all of a sudden). It involved flying, so I was happy (for some strange reason I much prefer flying to spending hours driving, even though landing isn’t at all pleasant – especially on the way in, it’d just rained a lot and there was a lot of braking involved). And I can get planes even if I can’t drive (never gonna happen), so I can still get to/from Edinburgh, which is nice to know.

Long story short: I loved Edinburgh, it was wonderful and lovely and even sunny at points. I managed to know where I was in places too, it’s far smaller than I was expecting, and I had phone signal everywhere so I always had a map/knew where we were. We did touristy things – tour of the Scottish parliament, camera obscura (= very bizarre), botanical gardens. We went into a lot of bookshops too – one of them was falling apart and there was a notice saying that due to ‘government harassment’ it was likely that it’d have to be open through invitation only, another had a very grumpy man, another had a very talkative man (we had a slightly odd conversation about the grumpy man in the other bookshop – he has a reputation, apparently even Dylan Moran won’t go in there, and he in fact goes to the talkative man), and we were then dragged into another to listen to ten minutes of a talk about pre-Christian pictish symbols in Scotland before we went to get on our plane home. Which was actually funny/interesting and we bought the book (the guy signed it for me too).

And Edinburgh College of Art was also lovely in it’s slightly shabby, art college way (but I think art colleges probably should be a little run down, it’s no fun working in some perfect modern building – and the art school dates back from the 1800s or so, so it’s kinda old). We couldn’t look around the darkrooms/studios because no staff were in (but I’m going to bombard the poor course leader with a zillion questions about them instead). But I’ve made a choice, ECA gets to be my firm choice! Which is really exciting and awesome and I’ve run out of words to describe it.

My offer from Brighton came through as well (they want 3 Cs), so I think that’ll probably be my insurance choice. Swansea Met has been totally ruled out (I don’t especially want to spend three years living in Swansea, and their offer of AAB is hardly good for an insurance choice – although the little calculator they sent me was very sweet/funny/useless) and so has Newport (Caerlean is just too far from anything, especially because I can’t drive, and I doubt Newport is full of art galleries and book shops like Edinburgh Brighton are). I’d very much like to live in Edinburgh for four years (although I’ll probably end up staying for ages wherever I go), and Brighton would be nice too.

I don’t mind rain, and as long as I have somewhere warm/dry to go I don’t mind wind/cold much. I’m quite fond of sunshine, but there was sun whilst we were in Edinburgh, and I can always get a UV lamp to do sun prints… I’m not very fond of really hot weather either, so Scotland probably won’t be that bad. As long as I don’t leave Edinburgh it’ll be fine (I’m recovering from a very traumatic camping holiday to the Outer Hebrides – for my birthday of all things, it was July and we had to buy wooly hats and people peed on our van whilst we were sleeping in it).

Once UCAS comes up again (it’s down for maintenance) I’ll make my choices official – which is exciting! 😀

I also have somewhere to live in Edinburgh now too, there’s a room in private halls reserved for me at any rate. Which was a little unexpected, but good (now I don’t have to worry about all the rooms going and being forced to live in a cardboard box or something). I have my own kitchen and bathroom and everything (everything also includes an ironing board…pfft, like I’ll use that…).

I’m running out of things to ramble about now, I could do with sleeping a bit more. And not having to get up at 6:30am on Monday. I’ll come up with something more photography/work related another time, ECA was just too exciting.

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