In Collections, Quotes, Rambling on April 20, 2012 at 5:04 pm

Isn’t that lovely and wonderful? I’m kinda sad I missed the 1000th view, but we can celebrate 1010 instead.

Things for the Vesch exhibition are going well, I have 3 of 4 prints all done and ready to go. I’m hoping that I can do the fourth tomorrow and it won’t go horribly wrong or anything. They look good all together. Everything else seems to be going well for it too, I’ve seen a lot of work lying about on frames anyway.

And I have nothing else to add. Apart from I’ve bought more books. And I heard some brilliant quotes today, and yesterday actually. Oh, and 3 of 4 search terms for today were quotes about facial hair. Is that good? Who knows.

  • “I don’t want to sound snobbish, but I’m going to sound snobbish.”
  • “visual plumbing”
  • “art has to have a uselessness so we can discuss it”
  • “all my nuts have fallen out of my bag.”
  • “she licks my arse hole”
  • “I’m scared of snakes, but I’m not scared of this ruler.”
  • “It had a really sticky floor.”
  • “It’s like he’s playing a part, but it’s him.”
  • “…another one I’d marry for the surname.”
  • “He used to be ‘lived with his mum’ Tony.”
  • “I once got a detention for making an obscene gesture behind a Latin teacher’s head.”
  • “I had to teach a student how to use a book.”
  • “At least I know Margaret Thatcher wasn’t a dog!”

I had to come back and add this in…I published this and the suggested tags (next to each other) were Margaret Thatcher and ‘arse hole’. That made me smile.

  1. Now that is what I call an odd juxtaposition of objects! Though I guess you will claim that a person cannot be an object!

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