Vesch private view and such things

In Alternative process-y stuff, Interesting things, Veschism on April 24, 2012 at 9:16 pm
Vesch exhibition by Princess Bala Vera
Vesch exhibition, a photo by Princess Bala Vera on Flickr.

I have work on a wall. Which is unusual really, I have a lot of work that needs to be done so it can go on a wall. So it’s nice to have some done things. My contribution to mounting was trying to work out if it was level from far away (which was quite difficult, seeing as I don’t see straight). And making tea. And sweeping. Basically being a housewife. Lovely.

Anyway, it looks lovely, and I’ll probably have to keep going in to go “oh look! I have work on a wall!”, just to amuse myself. My feet didn’t enjoy it so much and I might actually sleep tonight. There was a slight ‘oh dear God no one’s gonna turn up’ moment, but my mum came. And my dad So that was good. She also brought a print (I think she probably would have liked to buy the whole series).

And I got to tell someone that I got into Edinburgh College of Art. Which is top of my things to tell people list. It still makes me smile.

No doubt you were expecting some wonderful, insightful, post. Sadly, no. My brain has wandered off without me. So ta da… All I can tell you is I’ve drunk an awful lot to tea, said ‘y fronts’ more than usual and eaten a very nice bagel.

  1. Congrats on getting a place at ECA! I studied at Grays School of Art – graduAted in 2007…some of the best times ever at art school. You’ll love it!

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