This has nothing to do with anything.

In Rambling on April 27, 2012 at 9:27 pm

But I like writing. And it’s amusing to see how much the view count increases by after I post something.

Camera Lucida has gotten better, although I’m not entirely convinced by it. I might pick out the nice bits later, there are a few sentences that if taken away from the rest of it make sense and are actually useable. The rest uses a lot of unnecessary brackets and lots of flowery words (which I do too, but for some reason I don’t like reading that). I’m about half way through, it’s far smaller than I expected. And the type is pretty huge. I might even finish a book soon…

And now the irrelevant parts. Jack White looks incredibly old. I thought he was 50 something, turns out he’s 30 something. Maybe he wasn’t having a good day. I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore (what can I say? I’m of the Harry Potter generation…), for some reason no one seemed surprised by this. I’m just glad I’m not a Hufflepuff. Anyway. I was halfheartedly trying to decide which books to take to Edinburgh with me, I have too many and I doubt I can take them all. I don’t even know how I’m going to take all my stationery… And I’m crocheting squares for a blanket, except my squares are all wonky and different sizes because I forget to think about how tight the stitch is. Ah well. I got strange looks for crocheting on the bus this morning.

More relevant things… I stuck a cyanotype onto a chunk of MDF. The spray mount died so I went for doubled sided tape (and got my fingernail stuck to it for a while). I’m flattening it under books at the moment. I’m still trying to work out what I’m going to do in my exam, probably just paint edges of canvases and write in my sketchbook, but I doubt that’ll take fifteen hours. I can always read I guess. I can’t really mount things because if I bugger it all up I can’t ask someone to un-bugger (is that a word?) it for me. Oh, I know! I can peel the plastic of all the mirror plates I have. That’ll be fun. It’s starting to look like I have some work now though. And I don’t have photography classes anymore (as if that’ll stop me from being there though), so no more getting up at 6:30am on a Monday (I now start at 1:10, instead of 8:45). My tea’s getting cold, so I should probably drink that.

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