I think it’s more than half done by now

In Alternative process-y stuff, Rambling on May 10, 2012 at 6:55 pm
  by Princess Bala Vera
, a photo by Princess Bala Vera on Flickr.

But I’m not entirely sure how many I need and how many I’ll end up with. I can guarantee there’ll be twenty one canvases eventually (sixteen of which are completely completed) and a handful of cyanotypes & photograms mounted onto MDF to fill in the gaps.

They look a lot better as a whole rather than as individual prints, apart from the large canvas at the back (the middle one of the chair/toaster) which has to be my favourite. Gum bichromate (especially on canvas) makes things quite fuzzy, some of the pigment tends to wash off when it’s all rinsed off so it gets fuzzier and sometimes patchy. And sometimes it just doesn’t want to play nice. But it looks okay all together like this.

I’ve done five hours of my photography exam – which doesn’t feel at all like an exam, I can quite happily spend upwards of five hours a day doing photography things – so I’ve only got another ten hours left. Unless I take my 50% extra time…but that might be a bit ridiculous. I painted canvases white again (the gum prints stain them yellow/brown) for three hours and printed photograms for the other two. I was quite happy shut in my cupboard working, I could talk to myself as much as I wanted…

I’ve got another five canvases to coat and expose, five or six photograms that need MDF to be mounted onto and then I need to do a few more cyanotypes.I also need to figure out a way of fitting it all on, which might be harder. I’ll think of something. I like having the three different processes all mixed up together, I’m sure I can claim that as deliberate juxtaposition (well, it was deliberate, but because it looks nice). Ah well.

The Ongoing Moment came the other day, I’ve read three pages or so and it’s already got lists in it, so I’m happy. I’m almost done with Camera Lucida (there’s several chapters mostly about his mum, and if I’m quite honest I’m not particularly interested in his mum). I’ve packed a box full of books to take to Edinburgh too, mostly art/photography ones, although there’s still a lot more. I’m going to insist on taking all of the Harry Potter books (it’s my childhood!).

  1. Make sure you don’t sell your favourite one then!

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