This is mostly about cats.

In Edinburgh, Rambling on May 16, 2012 at 3:23 pm
IMG_1660 by Princess Bala Vera
Otto, a photo by Princess Bala Vera on Flickr.

Because I happen to quite like cats. And I’ll probably end up as a crazy cat lady one day. (I quite like dogs too, but having a dog on your lap isn’t so nice – I’ve tried).

I have nothing else to write about. So there’s Otto looking slightly angry instead. I don’t like not posting things (it looks all sad and empty otherwise), hence the cat and the writing about nothing in particular.

I have done things, they’re just not very interesting things. There was a lot of peeling bits of plastic from other bits of plastic and sorting screws into different boxes.

I just did my last two canvases for this project, I just have some cyanotypes and a photogram or two left to do. And sketchbook work. Speaking of sketchbooks, my Sketchbook Project 2013 came today (I was organised enough to put Edinburgh as my location, seeing as when I sent it off I’ll be up that way). And my tenancy agreement for my little box room came as well. See? Hardly exciting, blogworthy things…

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