Moomins on collecting & other nonsense

In Collections, Interesting things, Rambling on June 23, 2012 at 4:29 pm

20120623-041214 PM.jpg

I’m currently reading this (I might actually finish it), I was looking on a bookshelf for something else…anyway. There’s a surprising number of wonderful, relevant quotes in it, mostly about collecting.

20120623-041407 PM.jpg

I never want to experience being an owner rather than a collector. Lucky there’s an infinite amount of things I can collect…

20120623-041626 PM.jpg

This is more useful advice…but not the bit about using books to stop ant-lions getting out of top hats. Maybe I should go through more books to find useful/interesting quotes…hm.

Speaking of collections, I haven’t added to the camera collection for ages. I think the last one was the Lomokino… The ones I’m looking at are just quite expensive. And maybe I should use more than one at a time (I’ve got film in the Blackbird at the moment). I’ve only got a few rolls of black & white 35mm, so maybe I should stock up on that, and it can never hurt to have more 120… Quote collecting is fairly slow, my record box is filling up nicely though.

20120623-042406 PM.jpg

I’ve put almost every art material-ish thing I own into this box. There’s more than I expected. Hopefully I won’t forget everything now all of my Edinburgh things are in one place. It does take a while to get to the things at the bottom though.

20120623-042702 PM.jpg

And I recently filled this book with a collection of stuff and crap I just couldn’t throw out. It’s a book of Soviet postcards from the Building the Revolution exhibition we went to in January. Although you can’t see much of the postcards anymore.


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