Suitcase of Courage

In Collections, Quotes on July 7, 2012 at 1:57 pm

20120707-014240 PM.jpg

Last July I heard a lovely quote (I could tell you exactly when, but I’m not near the book) which has been used a lot. “[He’s digging into his] suitcase of courage” came from the Tour de France coverage, whoever the walking guidebook man is… I don’t know!

Anyway, when I started putting my portfolio together for interview I was looking for something slightly interesting/unusual & came across my (well, my mum’s really) suitcase. It was holding all the clothes for the porcelain doll which belonged to my great grandmother. Because I like naming things I looked through my quote collection for something appropriate, and ta da! The suitcase of courage was born, because interviews are scary before I start talking (after that, and if it goes well, I quite like then) so I needed an infinite supply of courage.

I can’t believe how much I squeezed into it, it’s travelled all over the place (Swansea, Brighton, Newport and Edinburgh in video form).

Anyway, I heard “suitcase of courage” again today, which reminded me. I’m currently making a mystery dinner, which is exciting. It’s looking edible do far.

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