Crayons & filters

In Cameras, Collections, Rambling on July 11, 2012 at 4:33 pm

Crayons are obviously the most important thing, so I’ll start there. My 96 pack of crayola crayons finally came today, I’ve ordered half of them now (they weren’t in colour order! Aggh!). I’m really quite impressed by the fact that there is a sharpener in the box. I think it’s gonna be incredibly messy…but I’ve got to try it anyway… So ta da! Half ordered crayons… I bought them because a book told me to – actually it said 64 pack, but then Amazon showed me these and…well. I have crayons, I’m happy.

I wasn’t really planning on going on and on about crayons, I was meant to be going on and on about filter-y things. I read this article earlier, because I spend far too much time on the Lomography website, and I’ll look at pretty much anything with dots on it… I haven’t put anything inside a camera for ages, and it’s not like I have much else to do at the moment (and there’s a lot of transparency sheet things left over from when I was making negatives for gum bichromate and stuff). I have no idea if they’ll work, I guess the opacity (as always). So they might not even show up. And I wasted a nice little blue section of one trying to cut it the right size. But I know have at least four rolls of film on the go (I’m still waiting for three from Jessops, stupid machine decided to die…).

Because I like putting pretty pictures in I’ll add lots of ones with stuff inside the camera (in some way or another – either rattling about, in acetate or rolled in with the film). Maybe some, not lots.

And there’s one more very exciting thing that isn’t at all relevant to anything I’ve said…but anyway. I have tickets to see Amanda Palmer in Glasgow in October, I’m very pleased 😀 Now I just have to wait for my pre-ordered CD to arrive…although I guess it’ll arrive in Edinburgh, seeing as they come out in September. I am of course assuming that I reach the offer I’ve been set (if I don’t assume that, then that isn’t very  happy – but Photography and History went fiiine). And slightly related, I move to go live in Edinburgh in 59 days. 

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