More cameras and some other stuff

In Cameras, Rambling on July 21, 2012 at 7:52 pm

This is mostly birthday related things – but some of them are interesting. And a cake shaped like a book is pretty amazing, right? It was going to say ‘Not for the first time…’ on it, because that’s the start of Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets and I used to be able to recite the first page. But it got changed when I was out riding…

More cameras! I’m on 30 now (so only 70 more…). I finished a roll from the Sardina (interesting fact: that was the first model as far as I can tell, now discontinued) today, so I’ll get that developed once I have two more colour ones – Jessops seem to give free film if you get more than three done. Or I could always send it to Plastic Magpie when I get a sprocket one from the Diana done… I got a birthday discount code from Lomography (which is obviously aimed at suckers like me, I’d bought a pack of 120 colour film within ten minutes of seeing it). So that should come fairly soon and I can play with that again, maybe in the Diana or Holga this time, far too expensive to use in anything else (eight shots per roll is incredibly expensive for things that might not work!). So maybe I’ll use it in the new Holga (above left) seeing as it has a colour flash – it actually needs batteries too, so it must be a real camera.

Aren’t these amazing?! The one on the right flew all the way from Brooklyn for me 🙂 It’s gonna be the only Rolleiflex I’ll ever own anyway.

Other birthday things include a blurb book of photos of me and many other people pulling funny faces, covering every single year of my life! It’s surprisingly thick, I guess eighteen years is a fairly long time. Everyone else seems to be far more excited that I’m eighteen than I am…strange. There wasn’t any clubbing or anything horrible like that (can you honestly see me doing that? No.), but there was cocktails! Which were yummy, doubly so at lunchtime, and made record shopping a bit more interesting. I only walked into one chair so it couldn’t have been that bad. And then of course this…

Which is happily sat on my desk playing 99 Red Balloons (one of yesterdays purchases – only 3 of LOTS belong to me), it’ll be coming to Edinburgh with me (or Brighton), I like my records and i have things on records I don’t have anywhere else (like my Nancy Sinatra album…) – although as it’s USB powered I can now record things…yay!

I’m sure that’s enough birthday excitement…although we did a pottery class today (I wasn’t especially good at the ceramics classes I did last year, so my bowl turned out surprisingly okay) which was fun. There was an adorable cat which sat in the room with us, and took a bit out of the bowl/plate/thing my dad made (it started off as a bowl but continued to collapse until it was flat…I have no idea how). It was nice and messy anyway.


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