Easels and… stuff.

In Rambling on August 1, 2012 at 5:30 pm

20120801-051256 PM.jpg

It looks like a box, and it is. But an amazing box all the same… There was a huge discount on it and I had to buy it because it’s the Edinburgh model, although I have no idea why that makes it special. I can fit quite a lot in it – most usefully my folding pencil case (there’s also a box of chalk, a box of crayons and some paint hiding in there).

20120801-051651 PM.jpg

And there’s the inside… It even has two different bits for holding canvas on. Which I guess could make it useful for exposing chemicals on canvas. Hm. There’s lots of pictures today…

20120801-051908 PM.jpg

And this is my lovely birthday ring! It’s all shiny and pretty. The holes are meant to be there, each one represents an aperture size, well, seven of them anyway. I quite like wearing rings, this one replaced a badly fitting one covered in teal shell bits. I’m running out of stuff now… I went on a reckless spending spree yesterday – boxes of oatcakes, stationery and an iPad. But the oatcakes weren’t mine (maybe they should be – Scottish after all). It’s a lot easier to write on the iPad app anyway. I don’t actually like spending money, so that was scary! I can now make a database of just about anything now though, I’m very sad the pencil template didn’t work. As much as I like ordering pencils perhaps measuring them is a bit obsessive.

I could add videos of my dad being a Wiggins fanboy (for the end of the Tour and this afternoon), but that might be a bit mean. And possibly not that interesting.

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