Fluffy dogs and giant cookies.

In Edinburgh, Sketchbook Project 2013 on August 11, 2012 at 11:28 pm

20120811-111220 PM.jpg

Possibly two of my favourite things… I’ve been officially inducted as an RSPCA volunteer – I either get to fuss over dogs that might want to bite me or clean up shit. What a choice… As long as I remember to ring up tomorrow I should start on Monday. So I finally have something to do! On my induction-y thing I saw the fluffiest, black collie thing ever. He was very adorable, all happy and bouncy… I won’t bring any animals home…no, really! I can’t work with the cats because the cattery is being deep cleaned. Which is a little sad, fluffy dogs make up for it though.

I got the film from the Sardina developed, which I’ll scan eventually. Came out pretty well. I did a page of my Sketchbook Project, making it a grand total of two pages! I’m saving it for when I move… That’s two pages at once, although I guess technically it’s two sides.

20120811-112603 PM.jpg

Did I say my Edinburgh freshers schedule came through? There’s so much stuff it’s insane… It’s wonderfully posh too; equestrian club and jazz evenings in the cocktail bar (yes – the student union runs a rooftop cocktail bar). There’s a nice sounding tour of places where famous authors have been, several picnics and more ceilidhs than I know what to do with (or spell – thank you autocorrect). I’ve been watching the history of art in three colours series, the Blue episode is beautiful! Maybe because I like blue, but the lapis lazuli is just…wow!

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