Moomins and other such happy things

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on August 16, 2012 at 11:06 pm

We’ll go in order of importance.

20120816-104641 PM.jpg

I have a Moominmama, handbag and all. Apparently I almost got Moomin finger puppets for my birthday. And yes, I’m not 18. I’m actually 5 and I still love stuffed toys. I have a Clanger that whistles somewhere (in fact it’s Baby Clanger saying “Oh damn it. The bloody thing’s stuck again” – which I know because I watched a documentary on Oliver Postgate). I did have a Bagpuss that yawned and a Bagpuss bag too… Now I have the mice song in my head (We will mend it, we will fix it, we will make it good as new…).

Next on the list is A level results – not as cute and fluffy as Moomins. My offer from ECA was 3 Bs and I ended up with AAB (History, Photography, Economics) and my place was confirmed by UCAS before 8am (so it didn’t die on me!). I think we need to work out how much space my crap takes up in the campervan, there’s no real parking outside my halls which is a pain. I went into college (already knowing my results, the online version finally worked) to make happy faces at my teachers and none of them were around for me to go bother. Which was sad, and possibly a waste of time. But I have my paper copy which could be useful, my term starts way earlier than everywhere else and I’ll probably need it. I bought my Freshers Pass and new NUS card today, which was exciting…

I made this yesterday too

20120816-105903 PM.jpg

Yup, I actually cut out a relatively small piece of metal with a saw. I was absolutely awful at woodwork (I stayed away from the only metalwork we did, which was soldering) when I did that years ago, so it’s a miracle! It’s a wonky diamond sort of thing cut out of aluminium and hit with a hammer. It’s also very slightly curved. So that was fun. We were supposed to be doing a weaving class at the Eco House, but it turned out to be aimed at five year olds and there was no weaving involved at all. But here’s a picture of my concentration face and my skills with a saw.

20120816-110342 PM.jpg

And at the bottom of my list…I did a tandem time trial this evening (10 miles) with my dad. We took 1:02 minutes off our best time (without me doing any training…). So we came 14th out of 33, took us 25:28 minutes. We did get up to 32mph though… My legs don’t want to cooperate now though.


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