An excess of boxes

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on September 2, 2012 at 7:37 pm

I have a lot of stuff. Which I knew, but a lot of stuff makes a lot of boxes of stuff. I think I’ll have the most well equipped kitchen in my halls… Here is the boxes that happened to be upstairs

20120902-072729 PM.jpg

And then most of my crap – which somehow fits in the van! I say most because I’ve packed more, some with cameras and so on and I hadn’t packed clothes when we put stuff in the van. It should hopefully all fit in though. Which is good, because we leave to head in vaguely the right direction on Friday. On Saturday I get the keys to my room in halls and I get to start unpacking my crap. Yay!

20120902-072804 PM.jpg

And now other things…

20120902-072842 PM.jpg

Bala (the old smelly collie my Flickr is named after) was put down on the 22nd ‘cos she had bad kidney failure. She was old though. And ill. But here’s a picture of us on a blanket (I crocheted several squares for it and everything).

20120902-072917 PM.jpg

And happier things! I’ve made a huge list of things I want to do during Freshers, I have 43 I think. Including playing Muggle Quidditch, an outdoor screening of Back To The Future and mor ceilidhs than I know what to do with. I’m trying to decide which societies to join too; there’s ones for whisky, tea, cocktails, Harry Potter and knitting. That’s only the ones I’m interested in! I have no desire to join the pole dancing or petroleum societies… What else…ehm. I made a pie today! I’ve on,y made treacle tart or bottomless veg pies before, so that was exciting. It ended up as a berry-ish pie (cherry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry). It looked pretty though.

20120902-073442 PM.jpg

20120902-073658 PM.jpg

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