Timetabling, studios and bookshops

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things, Rambling on September 14, 2012 at 7:11 pm

There’s been a lot of sunshine…it’s been lovely. Although this photo is a few days old. It’s been similar today though! I can only see three tiny clouds out of my windows! It has been incredibly windy though, apparently there was a weather warning for Edinburgh today for really strong wind, but it didn’t get that bad. This is probably going to turn into a massive long rambling thing full of pictures…ah well.

Edinburgh is such a posh university that each faculty has it’s own colours (and corresponding scarves…and ties). So this is the arts faculty one! If it wasn’t £26 I’d almost be tempted…maybe another time. Each sports club has special little jackets, which is sweet! Although possibly more normal? Edinburgh Uni did have the first muggle Quidditch team! I’m planning on going to an open session of quidditch on Sunday, as long as it doesn’t rain! It looks completely insane.

My instructions for doing solographs came yesterday (maybe? I’ve lost track of time), so ta da! A pinhole camera made out of drinks tin (I didn’t like how it looked, hence the vast amount of electrical tape to make it look nice). It’s going to be there forseveral months, it’s pointing in vaguely the right direction for the sun (!), and also towards Edinburgh city centre. I also don’t have to develop the paper! Just need to scan it in about…December.

finally got something resembling a timetable! I don’t start until Tuesday, so Monday I’ll probably look about the ECA library (now that I have my university card I can take books out – yay!). There was a meeting this morning (it was all pretty interesting until the health and safety guy came on…I don’t REALLY want to see pictures of a huge fire after 90 seconds first thing in the morning!), quite a few of the tutors turned up. So I’ll probably recognise the photography course leader now. They all seem quite…art teacher-y? I mean that in the best possible way! I counted up how many people there were on the class lists we were given (we’ve all been split into four groups for the rotations we have to do) – 66 first years from BA Intermedia, Painting, Photography & Sculpture as well as the MAFA Fine Art. 66! Apparently from over 4,000 applicants (but that is probably from the design courses as well). It’s insane…

Anyway! What I’m going to be doing this semester (you don’t need to know about next semester just yet, do you?). For the first two weeks we’re doing a collaborative project with the first year design. I would give you can actual project brief but the ECA Portal thing doesn’t work yet for me, and we don’t get paper copies. It’s called Voyage anyway, and we have to make something to travel in (out of cardboard). So that starts on Tuesday.

Then we start the programme rotations, we spend two weeks on each programme (which means I move studio every two weeks). My first one is sculpture, then intermedia, then painting and finally photography. After that we have two weeks on an exhibition project and the last week is mid session assessment. None of this semester will count towards my final mark, which is good! I’m pretty sure I’d fail seeing as I really can’t paint (unless it’s pattern…). Sculpture might be…interesting seeing as I can’t think in 3D. We have a total of two exhibitions this year, as a year group. Which was more than I was expecting – and kind of scary, but…nice at the same time.

I think this is long enough now! Once I actually do something I’ll add more… Oh! We got given a book at our meeting thing this morning – it was one that I was planning on buying anyway, which was funny, but it’s a special UoE Press edition. It’s You & I by Padgett Powell (Padgett is a brilliant name), I’ve already read The Interrogative Mood so I was pretty happy with that. I’ve found (well actually I already knew it was there – we went in April) a lovely bookshop a few minutes from ECA – good tea, good books and a whole shelf dedicated to Neil Gaiman. I’ll leave you with this – which is our studio rules, I liked it anyway.

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