“Sorry about the weather…”

In Collections, Edinburgh, Quotes on September 16, 2012 at 8:37 pm

I’ve started collecting quotes again (you’ve been warned…) There’s only 8 so they might as well all go in here. Some were collected just because they were sweet.

  • How was your breakfast?
  • Sorry about the weather…
  • Come on chickens!
  • You are the life of the university
  • Wherever you’ve come from, you belong here
  • To be honest, I’m self educated and I haven’t cooked a meal yet.
  • Health & safety is my passion
  • So that God doesn’t know you smoke?

I’ve been getting a lot of mail the past week (more than I get in a year!), which is stupidly exciting. Less exciting was that one was a toolkit (did I already tell you about that? I don’t know). I couldn’t find the quidditch today, so I just wandered about the Meadows in the pouring rain for half an hour. Not so much fun. I’ve been entirely unproductive, although I have been flicking through books…nothing particularly exciting. I’ll find something I haven’t read yet tomorrow and read that. It’s kinda frustrating waiting to do something, I’m probably the only student more excited for my course to start than I was about freshers week… Oh! Views for this rambling blog have now gone over 3,000 – in nine months! Eek.

Aha! Search terms relating to facial hair returned today! And for some reason ‘do you like my tight sweater’ – I really hope they were looking for the Moloko song.


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