Voyage (including jet packs & space almonds)

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things, Quotes, Rambling on September 18, 2012 at 1:50 pm

I’m entirely serious about the space almonds, I’ll put the quote in later (today has been pretty good for quotes). Today was my first real day (I actually get to do something! I’ve been going slowly stir crazy), so I spent this morning in a studio I’ll probably never find again coming up with pretty ridiculous ideas for vehicles. We’ve been split into sixes to work on Voyage (I had no idea there was some kind of order to what groups we were in until people started asking for group letters…I found mine eventually though) and our ehm…thing is…interesting? At one point it was a bed with a helicopter bit, another point it was a campervan with wings, helicopter blades and skis, it was also a 1970s caravan at one point… It’s ended up as a flying thing. Kind of everything all at once. But that all finished a bit after 11 so we were left to our own devices, so my (I say my like I run the thing…not ever going to happ en) group are drawing better versions of our thing and getting research pictures and stuff. Which is why I’m back at home with tea and a book that just came (On Photography, Susan Sontag if you really want to know). I promise I’ll go back to doing work in a minute, I have started in my sketchbook so it’s not all bad.

I promised you space almonds, so here we go… Each group had to briefly say what they’re doing (one was a teapot that takes you to where you most want to be, which was sweet) and one started off with “I had a dream I was in an almond floating through space”. Which is a wonderful way to get my attention, and get yourself into my quote book… End of space almonds (well, actually it’s apparently going to be an almond shape being fired out of a cannon). Might as well add the quotes now too:

  • “That’d be pretty funky to have.”
  • “If you see something useful in a skip, grab it” (very good advice, although I haven’t seen any skips)
  • “I had a dream that I was in an almond floating through space”
  • “What should we say…2050?”
  • “Give it a jet pack or something.”
  • “Research is about asking questions.”

It’s completely impossible to know where I am in the building I’m in for the next two weeks – every corridor looks pretty much the same, so I have no idea how I’ll get back there tomorrow! It was hard enough getting out of the building… The main building kind of makes sense, and I could probably work my way around by which statues are where and what limbs they’re missing. Maybe I need a trail of string to the studio I’m in…I’m sure I’ll find it eventually.

University is oddly like primary school – we come up with outlandish, impossible ideas and draw things that don’t really resemble what we’re talking about because it’d take far too long to draw properly and end up giggling because someone came up with something really ridiculous. Except we don’t get told off for being ridiculous. Which is nice. I’ve said ridiculous too many times now. Although you don’t get to swear at primary school, or if you did you’d get sent outside or something. But here apparently using ‘fucking’ to describe part of some crazy idea is acceptable. Or just common enough for no one to notice. One last thing before I go off and do sketchbook things, I’m actually scarily tall compared to a lot of people. Either I’ve grown about a foot overnight or art students are normally pretty short. It’s very odd being taller than almost everyone anyway. Oh no, I lied. One of the painting lecturers shares the same name as a cat I know (in fact there’s been a picture of her up on here before), must remember John Brown is not a sweet fluffy cat. And because I haven’t seen my cat for ages now he gets to FaceTiime with me – isn’t he adorable?

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