Things that aren’t especially exciting

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on September 19, 2012 at 3:13 pm

Hardly an attention grabbing title, but true.

Almost every post seems to end up in the rambling category now…ah well. Nothing especially exciting has happened, I just have nothing much to do at the moment. I spent the morning in a studio (would you believe I found it straight away? I was so proud) working on our voyage thing. It’s stopped being a car/flying machine/thing on skis – now its a ball made of hexagons & pentagons. But with wings. So a football snitch hybrid, really. I would add in the relevant sketchbook page, but it has possibly the worst drawing of hexagons ever… It’s mostly writing anyway. So it doesn’t look especially interesting. Anyway. Circle thing…the cardboard is stupidly thick (my amazing Stanley knife didn’t like it much). It probably would have made sense to cut the card in half before we moved it too… It was in one of the studios in the main building and we’re working in a different building with much lower ceilings. It got caught on scaffolding, ceilings, doors, staircases, people… It got folded in half eventually, so it just looked like a tent. I didn’t mean to go on about cardboard… I was meant to be telling you that it’s almost impossible to cut shapes out of & we’ve made it harder seeing as the middle of each shape is being cut out to make windows… Who knows if it’ll all fit together. I might try making a demo wing this afternoon…I remember people’s names now too, always a good start.

So yeah. I’ve spent a while on my sketchbook, so that’s all up to date and I’m just hanging around in the cafe thing because there’s wifi and if I go home I won’t really achieve much. Not that sitting here & not doing much is any better. So far I like it here (although I’m hoping the rotations will be more exciting – as nice as this project sounds on paper, the reality isn’t so fun. I can’t think in a 3D way, so I’m clueless as to how to make things), I get to do stuff and fill up a sketchbook. It’d be useful if we’d been shown where the materials shop is – though that could just be me missing something incredibly obvious. I’ll go exploring at some point & find it. Although it’s probably better I don’t. I have more than enough stuff after all…

It’s sunny again (but without any warmth), so either Edinburgh has its own little microclimate or it doesn’t always rain in Scotland… I’m still traumatised from a very wet/windy/awful summer holiday camping trip in the Outer Hebrides (camper van got peed on, whilst we were in it). We had to buy wooly hats – in July! That really wasn’t a very nice birthday.

I’ve found a different way of looking at viewing stats for this – for some reason the 9th was good. It’s green because that’s the highest traffic for a single day…

20120919-041635 PM.jpg

  1. ah the legendary outer hebrides birthday! even in brooklyn it is legend.

    • Oh hello! 😀 aha it was pretty bad. Don’t ever believe John about how nice it was. Still, you should come visit!

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