Honeycomb-esque stuff (& some irrelevant things)

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things, Rambling on September 20, 2012 at 2:21 pm

There’s actually some proof of what we’ve been doing since Tuesday… I was pretty organised & uploaded these onto Flickr as it happened, pretty neat huh?

20120920-015448 PM.jpg

That’s one section of well, sections. Kind of football like, no? (And that is the extent of my football knowledge…). They are a little wonky but that card is evil stuff (two scalpel/card related injuries so far – surprisingly not me!), ‘organic’ and ‘rustic’ were used a lot to explain it away… I spent hours taping the edges of them all, so that when we paint them the edges look slightly flat (it hides how jagged some of them are anyway…).

20120920-015903 PM.jpg

Building of thing in progress. We went through so much masking tape. At least I know where the shop is ‘cos we used so much. I have some lovely quotes from that, some of the daftest things I’ve heard in a while… We went wrong somewhere because the top doesn’t quite join up…(organic?). We’re pretending no one will notice anyway.

20120920-020314 PM.jpg

And through the windows…which might eventually get covered in cling film. There’s one that’s been painted, so the rest should be relatively similar. Although instead of glueing moss on (it’s true – pritt stick and everything) there is a mixture thst’ll kinda grow moss. It’s in a Keri Smith book somewhere, I’ll find the recipe later. It’s nice having some sort of object. Even if it is wonky.

Quote time…

“It sounded like a pile of wanks…”
“You’d look like a mouldy angel.”
“If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it’d be hummus.”
“Don’t lecture me about loving the ball!”

Nothing to do with strange (no longer winged – we get very odd looks for sticking that in) ball, but I have a disposal camera so I can do the 100 Project (which is giving people aged 1-100 a disposable camera & getting them to record a week), except I didn’t get picked for my age. So it’s for the open week 1st-7th October. I like having lots of different things to do… I added some pictures to my Art House Co-Op page, so there’s a picture of my Chronicle Project & my Sketchbook Project 2013, I’ll add more soon…

This is pretty long, so I’m gonna go back to reading On Photography (it’s good so far).


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