Sketchbook pages

In Edinburgh College of Art, Sketchbook Project 2013 on September 20, 2012 at 6:39 pm

I don’t normally share my sketchbooks (main exception being interviews), but might as well… Firstly my Sketchbook Project 2013, because it looks a whole lot nicer. Although you only get the cover.

20120920-063239 PM.jpg

And then another current sketchbook… There is…three at the moment. Four if you include a quote book. But this is actual work. Sort of. I know I write more than I draw – its because it’s easier to write than mangle a drawing of what I’m trying to explain. You get to see the worst hexagons ever drawn as well…

20120920-063519 PM.jpg

20120920-063538 PM.jpg
(the thing in the top right is a very quickly made wing, not entirely obvious)

20120920-063639 PM.jpg

20120920-063653 PM.jpg

20120920-063708 PM.jpg

That’s all since Tuesday. If you wanted to know. It’s horribly dark (even with the lights on) because it’s incredibly rainy. Evidently I should never comment on the lack of rain.


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