I’ve run out of interesting sounding titles…

In Books, Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on September 24, 2012 at 3:30 pm

There isn’t a whole lot of new exciting things to write about, but I have a lot of free time. I’m sure I had more stuff to do during sixth form… So this is mostly rambling about nothing entirely exciting – including umbrellas and lectures and I don’t know what else.

Mondays are lecture/seminar days, which is why I have so little to do (I have a grand total of eight more lectures & seminars this semester). It does mean I don’t have to be early (I’m not much of a morning person) seeing as we start at 11. I found the right lecture theatre! Okay, it wasn’t that hard given the amount of people loitering outside it, but that’s not the point. That was fun, seeing as it was just an introduction to what we’re doing I didn’t bother with my voice recorder thingy, next week. I have no idea if I can read my writing though…writing quickly and wonkily because it’s kinda dark in there… Ah well. I’ll get the lecture slides at some point (so I can change the text back to a sensible colour, instead of being white or bright red on a black background) so it’s not too bad, I did manage to read quite a bit of them (a miracle given my eyesight – admittedly I was in the third row) Having read the textbook chapter yesterday there wasn’t exactly any surprises… Seminars are not so fun – sitting around in a circle does not count as fun. Although the whole creating a map of where we are was more interesting (not literally, but influences and so on). Not so fun possibly having to share that next week! Ah well, maybe everyone’ll forget. So I do have something to do really.

I’ve decided it’s incredibly pointless owning an umbrella here. If it’s rainy enough to need an umbrella it’s generally very windy (like now) and umbrellas don’t like that. Or it just ins’t raining enough to need an umbrella (or not even raining at all!). Although I do like rain, and not just in that it’s nice being inside/warm when it’s raining, I just like rain…odd as it sounds. So I don’t mind getting slightly rained on in the ten or so minutes it takes me to walk in (if I was girly and straightened my hair and that sort of stuff I probably would, but I don’t. So it’s okay). It’s definitely an advantage being short when it’s windy though.

My timetable has been changed – which is incredibly annoying seeing as I’d made a lovely colour coded one for the whole semester. My rotations go in a different order now – photography, sculpture, intermedia & then painting. I wasn’t especially looking forward to sculpture (or painting), but at least I know I can do photography, so that’s a bit better. I’ll have to make a new timetable though now. 😦 List of books to buy/read has grown a lot, and that’s excluding my official reading list (should probably get a few of those…). I did a lot of reading yesterday, I read all of How To Be An Artist again, finished the book I bought from the modern art museum here (101 Things To Learn In Art School) and more of Thesaurus Scienta Lancastriae. Oh I started The Mezzanine yesterday too, just for the footnotes (which are wonderful – I’m quite knowledgable about paper vs plastic drinking straws, key developments in tying shoelaces and the design of staplers). Today’s reading hasn’t been anywhere near as impressive, just some more of On Photography, I’m about to go do more though (once I’ve made some tea and turned the heating on – it’s cold! But that’s why I have my lovely crocheted blanket with me). Oh and another thing (it wasn’t worth its own update), the new series of The Thick Of It is disappointingly lacking in Malcolm Tucker & his imaginative swearing…


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