So many books!

In Books, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on September 25, 2012 at 4:07 pm

I hope there isn’t some rule about photographing libraries… But I was there, and it was there. And seeing as this generally turns into ECA related things I might as well deliberately do ECA related things. So voila – a very small part of the ECA library. I’m tempted to see how many of the tens of thousands of books I can get through in four years, but I’m guessing there’s going to be a couple of thousand that really won’t interest me. I can take 25 books out at one time though! I think I’ll go in search of reading list things tomorrow, seeing as our voyage thing requires very little effort now.

Kinda looks better painted, right? Apparently I’m the only one that’s been keeping a record of it in a sketchbook. But I tend to keep sketchbooks anyway, and it’s nice to have all the development stuff somewhere. Maybe more important for things that actually count, but the idea of not keeping a sketchbook for a project is really odd to me. It is totally painted now, and it looks better than just cardboard. Maybe it isn’t quite how we initially imagined it, and I’m pretty sure I’d never have come up with a geodesic thing if I was doing the project alone. But it’s almost done, and it’s kind of meh. I just want to start my rotation projects! Especially now I start with photography… Oh! I managed to meet the photography course leader (he has brilliant socks, but it’s very hard to take someone seriously when you can see their hot pink socks) whilst doing a tour of every single possible fire escape ever. So I finally got to see the darkrooms (that was part of the decision to come here that was pretty stupid, having looked at every other darkroom everywhere else), they’re not quite Newport but they’re a whole lot tidier/neater than Brighton. And there’s a little bit for dangerous chemicals, which I might get to use (you have no idea how exciting that is – I could easily spend the entirety of my student loan on a lot of things, alternative process chemicals are one of those). So that was good.

I normally write all over books so I can find the bits I like again, not sure I should if the book isn’t mine! So a few bits from the nice one about collections I’m reading at the moment. You know the one I mean, I don’t feel like finding the title again.

And some other things…I bought a toolbox (because my life is really THAT exciting and a cutlery drawer thing – again, exciting stuff), it’ll probably be easier to carry drawing stuff/painting stuff when I have to do that. My bag gets pretty heavy, and given that I take enough to be a walking stationery cupboard (or I’m just the only organised person – but yes, I do carry string in my bag. And paperclips). I’m all flu-y and horrible, there was a brief moment this afternoon when it wasn’t so bad, but I’m back to being wrapped up in jumpers and blankets. I’m glad I packed so much woollen stuff.

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