More about books and a bit about dangerous chemicals

In Alternative process-y stuff, Books, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on September 26, 2012 at 5:02 pm

(Don’t you just love my inventive titles? I thought so.) The ECA library makes no sense, and that’s pretty bad coming from me given that my books are ordered in a very specific way that I doubt anyone else would be able to understand. But I don’t have thousands of books (much to my disappointment) and people don’t tend to come and borrow them… I have ordered my books by colour at one point, maybe I’ll do that again when I run out of things to do (I ended up doing my washing because I was bored again). Complaining aside I have more books to read, which is always good, and I’ve been reading for almost all of today (today was a non-voyage day, tomorrow I think we’re going to go and collect/steal some moss to stick on it). I did end up with five books in my bag, which was pretty heavy (plus a Tesco bag that really wanted to break and drop my food everywhere).

You have no idea how exciting is to find new things on the ECA portal (maybe I should get out more, but hey), I now have my course handbook all printed out. I’m not sure I needed to know what’s in every single workshop though. What other excitement is there? Hm, I have grapes and raspberries (and more celery, I love celery), I have a letter to post, there’s some sunshine again… I could do with tidying my flat a bit, my desk is covered in books and bits of paper and pens. And glasses cloths. Hopefully I’ll get the next project brief on Friday, we’re moving all of our voyage things into the sculpture court on Friday too. None of that was at all exciting, more of a to do list really – I evidently fail at being a stereotypical student (apart form the procrastination part, I’m good at that).

I’ve been trying to find somewhere to buy potassium dichromate (just in case I am allowed to use dangerous things again), I could buy the proper kit again (I say again, I didn’t pay for it before…), but I never needed the sizing/hardening solution that came with it and I have a book full of sizing recipes (which I stupidly left in Leicester, it’s on its way to me) if I did need one. They’re pretty harmless ones compared to whatever was in the kit (it smelt absolutely awful and was just…ew, whereas I could use arrowroot) Gum arabic is pretty easy to buy, but unless I suddenly turn into some science-y company it’s quite hard to get potassium dichromate (or at least know that it is actually potassium dichromate that I’m getting), it’ll almost certainly be the same for silver nitrate. I’ll probably end up buying the kits anyway. Or there was that sort of gum bichromate thing – Inkodye. But their whole website is focused on fabric and I’m not sure I’d print on fabric, it comes in pre-made colours too, and adding the poster paint is part of the fun! I don’t need it for the moment anyway, I’m not allowed loose in the dark rooms until next semester (that’s next year!).

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