The voyage…thing is done!

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on September 27, 2012 at 2:45 pm

Blog updating is becoming a daily thing now, or mostly. Possibly more so I don’t forget what I’m doing/what I have to do than anything. Maybe that isn’t a bad thing, you get to know almost everything that I’m doing. Which is good if you’re interested in that I guess. Anyway, voyage thing is somehow done (okay it does have a name but Windows Of Perspective sounds pretty shitty, thing works just as well) and is in place. The picture I have of it is fairly crap, but I’ll take a proper camera tomorrow (proper as in digital, I think developing film in my flat is against my tenancy agreement, there was definitely something about no unnecessary chemicals down my sinks, I think developer/stop/fix count as unnecessary). And it’ll look nicer. It’s one of the only ones that have been painted, there’s a lot of paper maché…

So I don’t have to be in until 2ish tomorrow, but they have to be out of the sculpture court by 5. So three hours of loitering about (probably mostly reading) seeing as several people are getting trains tomorrow and are leaving before clearing up time.

We gave up on moss (the number of confused/bemused/skeptical looks we’ve had from tutors whenever that was mentioned = moss stuck on with PVA was no longer an appealing idea), but somehow got ivy. (I don’t want to know how they got it). It is pretty green at the moment, and given that we spent all morning making our structure less green… maybe it’ll have died off a bit by tomorrow. Although the greener version did look quite military, which wasn’t such a brilliant look. Each flower shape of hexagons/pentagons also work pretty well as hats or tortoise shells, if you ever need to make either of those. There’s a bit of string stretched across the balcony edges of the sculpture court (we opted for the sensible option of not just chucking a ball of string across and went round every single pillar – there’s a lot), which has another bit of string so the ball could be moved about. Tying the second bit of string before the thing was done wasn’t such a good idea (step ladders don’t exist when you need one, and making the smallest person sit on the tallest persons shoulders to tie it all together wasn’t such a brilliant idea). It got tied and lowered off the balcony eventually though…

The sculpture court looks pretty big when it’s empty, with 24 different projects it’s going to be chaos, not all of them are up yet and it’s already pretty busy… We’re not taking up floor space though! Although there was some bitch fighting about where our thing would hang (no violence, honest), but it worked out okay. So yeah, nothing to do again (actually no, I haven’t started the map thing yet. Bleh). I tend to just stick some irrelevant things I think off on the end of everything, so irrelevant thing time… My flat is beautifully tidy again (except the washing up that needs doing, but ignore that), moving the clothes horse into the corner makes the floor seem much bigger. It looked like it was going to be freezing this morning (I should probably check an actual weather forecast rather than guess based on the number of clouds I can see) so I found my very warm gloves (they’re amazing – look!)

I like making them eat things. Not at all childish. There is actually a serious irrelevant thing… I get a lot of stuff sent to my university email, not a whole lot of it is useful (although if I really really wanted I could volunteer my legs to a fourth year intermedia project. Nah), but there’s a thing that came just now which is applications for a new arts/humanities undergraduate academic journal (Groundings Ancients), which sounds sort of interesting. It’s an editorial board position (so I’d have to help come up with a theme for this year and go through articles and stuff like that), but you’ll have noticed by now that I like writing, it sounded interesting enough for me to open the application form and see how serious it all sounds! I’d have to give examples of how I’ve followed/responded to a reasoned argument, how I’m looking outside of my degree subject and participation in a successful team. Which I don’t…really have. I don’t look much outside of arts subjects (unless you count a general interest in history/political history/politics/animals) because art is what I know I can do at least somewhat, I like knowing I can do stuff. I don’t know, I’ll think about it. 

This is getting pretty damn long… Oh, I start life drawing on Tuesday (which is going to suck, because my drawing ability sucks – even more if it involves people). I’ve got some stuff to read for my next lecture (I’m sure it was only Monday yesterday, somehow it’s Thursday), some organised person has even added lecture resources to the week six lecture (I go through every single one to check I don’t miss anything, then it all gets bookmarked in a sensible way so I know what I have to do for each week – yes I know, I have no life). I started taking notes from one of the books off my reading list, I thought I’d be sensible and start with the one I’d read the introduction of already, turns out I have a totally different edition so my introduction is more interesting than the one I read. Heh. This is too long (it’s on 916 words, which is enough. Although it’ll be more now, I’ll just stop).

Search terms for today are good though – naked ladies and quotes about facial hair (again!). I’m stopping writing now.


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