Some work, for a change…

In Edinburgh College of Art on September 29, 2012 at 7:50 pm

Less rambling, more images. Slightly randomised exploring worked pretty well (did you notice how I made my die slightly waterproof with electrical tape?) and I have pictures. They aren’t at all linked, other than I took them today. But things will happen now I’ve started…in theory anyway. Less writing, picture time.

20120929-074333 PM.jpg

20120929-074342 PM.jpg

20120929-074350 PM.jpg

20120929-074357 PM.jpg

20120929-074403 PM.jpg

20120929-074410 PM.jpg

It works better when I don’t really look through the viewfinder. Thinking about it doesn’t help! Although there is some thinking, it isn’t just totally mindless. You know what I mean anyway. I much prefer the ones that are looking down, I tend to look down anyway ( in case there’s an interesting bit of rubbish…) so I’m better at finding interesting things on the floor. It does mean I tend to know pavements better than buildings though… I’ll do more tomorrow, but perhaps from a different starting point, I just went from home today. I found a row of mostly shut shops, curvy houses and I ended up near the art college. Dicewalking (that’s what the book called it anyway) could work inside too I guess. Less scary if I get lost them! Or maybe not, the map on my phone won’t be any use then… Now, do I watch more Green Wing or a House? Hmm.

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