Current reading & more rambling

In Books, Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on September 30, 2012 at 5:20 pm

I was going to go and do more dicewalking/taking pictures, but I got totally distracted. So really there isn’t a whole lot of point to this post, except I forgot to add a picture yesterday and it might as well have it’s own post. I’m sure I’ll find some other things to ramble about.

I’m currently reading all of these (there has been more, this is heading towards restrained). Some of them I’ve read before and I’m just dipping in and out because I was reminded of a bit and i need to find it again. I’m using several for this rotation project, three are for visual culture lectures (and they’re the only ones I really need to finish). Two others are from my photography reading list…now try and guess which ones… I’ll get through them eventually, because I always do. I just like reading lots of things at once! Although there’s possibly one or two that I haven’t read any of in ages.

I knew I’d find something else to go on about… my sketchbook is getting satisfyingly thick, it makes a good clunk if I misjudge where the desk is because I’m not paying that much attention and I manage to drop it on the floor… An A3 one would probably last a lot longer (I think I’ll need a new one in a few weeks, eek) but that wouldn’t fit in my bag, and I don’t really want my work to get rained on. Not that it actually rains that much, I’m sure it’s sunnier here than back in Leicester (blue sky at the moment, and for most of today). I’m having to staple in contact sheets in slightly interesting ways so they don’t take up all the pages. I managed to map out where I walked yesterday, I was organised and wrote down which directions I went in. I have no idea about street names but streetview definitely helped at points… I now know I managed to walk down two bits of the same road without realising they were connected. I would put a picture of it up, but then you’d know where I live, seeing as the map starts from there… So I won’t do that.

I’ve just wasted half an hour trying to decide which whisky I might want to buy, although I really don’t want to drop it walking home or something equally stupid. I’m too indecisive! Someone just tell me… I’m going to go do something productive instead, like making tea (although I feel ill again so I’m not especially keen on the idea of food, instant miso soup it is).

  1. I just saw that there is a terry pratchett book on this photo… we might have quite similar taste when it comes to books and socks 🙂

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