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In Books, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on October 3, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Maybe I should have saved the rambling from earlier for this, seeing as I have pictures this time and pictures always make things better. I didn’t end up using the die to decide where to walk, I was looking up the novel I’d forgotten the name of (The Dice Man – it was right at the bottom of a long thread of emails, annoying to find again) and trying to decide if I should buy it or not (I still have no idea, I should ask a dice)…anyway, there’s an iPhone app based on the book which selects something for you to do (it told me to go to a bar) and then chooses from the six options it gives you. I could have followed it, and walked the 0.2 miles to the bar it chose…but I went and did work instead. I walked to places I walk to a lot (I did an interesting route to ECA, going via the Meadows seeing as I could walk in that way, and wandered almost up to George Sq).

There isn’t a whole lot of rubbish, at least not in the bits I walk through. Maybe it’s like buses, I guess as soon as I finish this project there’ll be interesting rubbish everywhere. There was enough for me to choose the interesting bits over everything else though (interesting just means anything colourful/oddly shaped that caught my eye), I must have looked slightly odd, weaving across the pavement to go take pictures of chocolate wrappers and plastic bags. Next time (which’ll probably be tomorrow) I might just choose one type of rubbish to document, I’ve already narrowed it down to packaging (although there’s probably a few things that aren’t strictly packaging that snuck in there) seeing as it helps to have something quite specific to find. Or I just go back to documenting absolutely everything within a place/time period (and taking notes, I like that part). I should probably be writing this in my sketchbook rather than here… You get the whole contact sheet of nice-ish things from today, as well as the ones I liked a bit more…

The light was kind of odd (by odd I mean there was sunlight…) today and I tend to overexpose slightly anyway, which is why the colours are a bit interesting – very minimal editing, I promise (just a tiny bit of cropping and minor fiddling with levels for some of them). I didn’t bother looking for most of them again, just checking I hadn’t totally missed (that’s what I like about digital, because it is useful for some stuff – I’m not a total film convert, but don’t get me started on that – it’s useful knowing if it worked or not anyway). Which is why some of the composition is a bit wonky.

(someone dropped their French work…)

I finished a book today, it wasn’t one that I’d even heard of before a bit after 9 this morning (Men & Models, Ian Marchant), but surprise books are good. It’s wonderful, and amusing (I like things that aren’t too serious, a lot of art seems quite serious – I hope mine doesn’t all the time). I have a favourite paragraph… There’s a model of the Houses of Parliament made from 161,000 matchsticks.

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