City of mirrors project…

In Edinburgh College of Art, Quotes on October 3, 2012 at 1:38 pm

I need a different title for this project, because I’m not doing anything about mirrors, I’m not even using that quote…hm. Anyway, you know me and titles for things, it just doesn’t happen. We had the first meeting for this project (there’s quite a big, somewhat unproductive, gap between getting new projects and actually going through them) this morning, which was good. Although I think I might possibly be the only one daft enough to have started already, and have a vague point to what I’m doing…I like being organised though. There was a lot of things I knew (without sounding arrogant, but I’ve sat through a lot of talks about how apertures and shutter speeds work, heck the ring I wear is apertures from f2.8 to f22 – it’s interesting to see how different people explain the same thing though), but there were some photographers I hadn’t heard of (yay research!). I recognised a lot of the work we looked at though, which I guess is good. I don’t have to be in until 1:30 tomorrow for a demo of Bridge (which I don’t like much, but it works well enough…oh my Adobe student thing finally came through, so all of my DSA-supplied CS6 things are no longer trial versions, which is awesome).

So I’m going to spend this afternoon out wandering/exploring/dicewalking, because it’s sunny and I have nothing better to do. I might just look for rubbish, instead of looking for anything interesting. Seeing as I always go back to rubbish… I haven’t done anything for this project for a while so it’s probably time I did something again. I started taking pictures for the 100 Project open week on Monday, I forgot to pick up my disposable camera this morning so I’ll take that with me when I go exploring… There isn’t really anything else exciting to add, except some quotes and search terms…and that I’m having shopping delivered tonight (possibly the only thing that’s made me feel like an adult so far!).

Not many new quotes…a lot of things I would have taken have been written/emailed, which doesn’t work!

  • What about the not sex toy?
  • I’m trying to figure out how this whole art thing works
  • I wish I had tits
  • Can your pet pretend to die if you point a gun at it?!
  • I’m a guy, there’s other things I do instead.
  • I’ve officially shared saliva with the Princess of Japan.
  • Shoot folk on the bus.

And search terms… the most popular search term for this is Mexican miracle paintings (because I once took a picture of postcards of miracle paintings, I’m not sure I was meant to be photographing them), the second is facial hair quotes (just, why?!) and the museum of exploration is third. There’s a lot about manifestos, objects and vesch (which is good, because that was the initial point of this). And then there’s some slightly strange ones… ‘cloud cookie cutter’, ‘edinburgh institute of art Dylan Moran’, ‘nail varnish museum’ and ‘soaking cyanotypes in urine’. Also, if you search for “edinburgh college of art photography” this blog is more popular than any of the ECA pages…eek. There’s lots more, but I’m sure that’s enough. Plus I need to go do work…

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