A lot of cropping later…

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on October 5, 2012 at 10:34 am

and I have some interesting pictures. As fun as aimlessly wandering looking for rubbish is they didn’t look especially interesting… But I accidentally discovered a magnifier tool in Bridge, and it was right over a receipt I’d photographed on my first adventure looking for rubbish, it was clear enough to see most of what that person had bought. And, because I’m generally quite nosy, I started looking in the rest to see what else I can find. Even if I didn’t find anything that unexpected (a lot of feathers and odds and ends really) they look a lot more interesting to me… If somewhat blurry/noisy/out of focus. But that’s kind of how I see (I don’t get noise, just blurriness), so if I’m sticking to an accurate interpretation of Edinburgh they should be blurry. It’s kind of like using a crap camera too, only a very expensive one with lots of apertures.

As always I didn’t pay too much attention to what I was cropping, just whatever looked interesting… I know I probably should pay more attention to composition, but I never really have and it’s worked pretty well so far. I have my first tutorial in a bit, so at least I have some work to show for this week (I don’t actually have to be in for photography related things until next Thursday, I have lecture/seminar on Monday and drawing on Tuesday though – no doubt I’ll be skulking about, otherwise I’ll be sat in my flat all week and that wouldn’t be too good). I ordered The Dice Man, which should be coming today (in fact, no it is coming today – I just got a lot of texts and emails from DPD to tell me so, my driver is called Kevin).

I don’t think there’s much else… My shopping came the other day (yay for not having to carry soya milk & juice home!), the delivery guy couldn’t be bothered to carry it to the fourth floor and I obviously didn’t look that feeble, so I got to keep the crate. It’s huge, it took up almost all of my kitchen… It’s currently living under my desk as a printer table, so now my desk is huge again (and sort of tidy).

Also…I amused myself by translating this page into different languages yesterday. Latin looks amazing


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